Right now, we have the opportunity to significantly shift refugee and asylum policy to better reflect our values of fairness, respect and compassion.

But, if we want to leverage this opportunity and achieve lasting positive changes to refugee policy - and importantly to the lives of so many people who came here seeking protection - we need to act in a strategic, coordinated way.

That’s why the role of the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA), as the peak body in the refugee sector, is more vital than ever right now.

With your support we can help change the policies affecting the 19,000 refugees subject to temporary protection, the 30,000 people seeking asylum waiting for protection with no support and the 1,380 refugees STILL struggling under the offshore processing including the 505 without resettlement options.

When you donate a gift today, you’ll help to create a lasting positive change to the way our country treats refugees and people seeking asylum.

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