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The Changes

The Australian government has commenced to reduce the Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) program. The program provides basic living allowance, casework, and torture and trauma counseling.

  • Pregnant women, families with young children, and people with depression will not be exempt from these changes.
  • Potentially thousands of people could become homeless. 
  • Bright young students who have won scholarships to university could loose access to income support
  • Pregnant women who fled family violence have found themselves without access to any money or appropriate health care.


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The Changes Affect People Like Amina*

Amina and her three young children arrived in Australia in 2013 after escaping violence and persecution.  She is alone trying to take care of her young kids in a foreign country and has experienced uncertainty as a result of Australian Government decisions.

“How can I send my children to school when they have no food? They will look at the other children eating and cry.”

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Our Impact

RCOA has been coordinating a national campaign with dozens of non-profit organisations. We have organised meetings with the Prime Minister’s office, Peter Dutton and other Members of Parliament and State Premiers and local councils, as well as secured media stories about the devastating impact these cuts will have. 

On June 18 we organised a delegation of CEOs and people with lived experience to Canberra where we held a press conference inside Parliament House and visited key decision makers to discuss the dangers of cutting such an important program. We also worked with our colleagues in the sector to support a group of people who will be affected by these cuts to gather out on Parliament Lawn to talk to politicians, journalists and other members of the public. 

We sent a petition to Malcolm Turnbull calling on him to support a #RoofOverMyHead for people seeking asylum.  We delivered this petition to the Prime Minister's office last Monday with close to 12,000 signatures!  

You can help us continue to advocate for fair and humane treatment of people seeking asylum. 

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