Tens of thousands of people seeking asylum have been left behind by the Federal government. Many are struggling to cover their rent, buy food and pay for critical medicines. The recent budget was a missed opportunity to ensure people can maintain a roof over their heads. We need your support to send a message to our leaders - you cannot leave people behind. Help us ensure a COVID-19 response that is fair and just.

Can you help us continue to lobby the Federal government to ensure that nobody is left behind during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic recession?

We are developing a bold plan to influence the government to pressure them to make sure people can cover their rent, buy food and pay for critical medicines. But we can't do it without you.

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After speaking out against their government in her home country, Farah and her family were subject to a series of violent attacks. Their only option was to flee. She came to Australia seeking safety. Yet when her husband Kazem* lost his work due to COVID-19, the family were thrust into uncertainty and despair.

“We didn’t know what to do. We began to sell our furniture, clothes – anything spare we could find, just to pay the rent,” says Farah. “It got to the point where we had to choose between eating and paying rent.”

Can you stand in solidarity with Farah?

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*Name and key details have been changed due to fear of retribution.

For families like Farah’s, the government’s moratorium on evictions was the only thing keeping a roof over their heads. Now, the ban has been lifted, homelessness is almost certain.

“I just feel complete despair whenever I think of the situation. If we are evicted, what will we do?” asks Farah.

In order for families like Farah’s to survive, the government must provide a bridge to get people to the other side of the pandemic and recession. To build this bridge, the government needs to provide income support to people seeking asylum and refugees.

We need your support to convince the Federal government to build this bridge.

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We can’t let refugees and people seeking asylum, like Farah fall through the gaps and be left with no support whatsoever during this crisis. That's why the Refugee Council of Australia is leading a collective campaign to ensure #NobodyLeftBehind during Covid-19.

Refugees and people seeking asylum already struggle with high levels of financial stress. As the Australian economy has dramatically slowed down and many jobs have been lost, this vulnerable community is suffering even greater strain. That's why we are working non-stop to raise this issue with the Federal government. From meetings and media, to policy briefings, and evidence from aborad, and most importantly bringing the voices of people like Hiba to our political leaders.

Can you join the #NobodyLeftBehind campaign by making a donation to support this important work?

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