What good is a new life, if you can’t live it?

Everyone should have the right to live in peace, without fear of persecution or vilification.

Yet in Australia today our government’s cruel policies continue to degrade and punish men, women and children who seek safety in our country even after they have been recognised as refugees.

This Christmas, you can help families reach their full potential and live the lives they deserve.

Please donate to our Christmas appeal to help end policies that punish refugees.


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Meet Sayeh

Sayeh* grew up in a conservative Muslim family in Iran. When she went to university she started to question her beliefs.

When she faced persecution for practicing another religion, she and her family fled to try and find a safe home somewhere.

She came to Australia escape torture, will she?

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*Name and key details have been changed due to fear of retribution.

Living in limbo

After arriving by boat to Australia, Sayeh and her family were detained, relocated, and eventually moved into the community.
Yet despite getting out of detention, the outcome was bittersweet.

Sayeh and her family were put on Temporary Protection Visas, which mean they have limited access to settlement services, reduced job prospects, and live in a constant state of uncertainty.

Moreover, they are forced to reapply every few years and have been told they will never be granted permanent visas.

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How you can help

"Being on temporary protection feels like we have been forgotten. We’ve been recognised as refugees but because of the government’s punitive policies, we’re not allowed to have any long-term security.”

- Sayeh

Things don't need to be like this for Sayeh and others like her.

Refugee Council of Australia is fighting this injustice at its source. We are leading a group of organisations to pressure the government to end Temporary Protection Visas and create real pathways to permanency for refugees in Australia. We have already begun developing creative ideas for how to work with the Immigration Minister David Coleman to ensure people like Sayeh have the security and certainty they deserve. We have a humanitarian solution.

Donate this Christmas, to support this work