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The Problem

There are still over 1300 refugees and people seeking asylum trapped on Nauru and Manus Island. Meanwhile, in our own neighbourhoods, refugees are stuck in the limbo of temporary protection, and thousands of people seeking asylum are facing homelessness and destitution after devastating service cuts.

We are coming into an election year. This is our best chance to change these inhumane policies. It is time to turn our voices into action.

It is time to act.

As a federal election looms we know that the next few months will be critical. We must show politicians across the spectrum that Australians believe in justice and fairness for refugees and people seeking asylum.

Your Support is Having an Impact

We are working tirelessly with other partner organisations to ensure our political leaders know “Enough is enough”, it is time to get Kids Off Nauru.

We have mobilised over 15,000 people to pressure the government, we have taken trips to Canberra to meet with politicians, we have produced a joint report detailing the horrors on Nauru, we made a video with parents across Australia and campaigned tirelessly in the Wentworth by-election to make sure Kids Off Nauru became an election issue.

When the #KidsOffNauru campaign launched there were 119 children trapped on Nauru. Today there are 12. But that is still 12 too many.

We need all the resources we can to send a message to him that he must act.

Donate Now

That is Why We Need You

Sometimes it can feel despairing to look around and see where we have come to on refugee policy in Australia.

We are not alone in our outrage at how refugees are treated by our country.

We need to tell all politicians, once and for all, that we do not want policies that are predicated on cruelty and punishment.

We want a country that welcomes people seeking asylum and treats them with compassion and humanity.

For real, long-lasting change to happen, we need a coordinated and targeted plan. You can help achieve that.

We have been working to develop a ground breaking “Platform for Change” policy—it is a vision for how refugee and asylum policy in Australia can look. It is based on justice and fairness. It welcomes diversity and believes in community.

Read our Platform here



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    I'm support the Refugee Council of Australia's Federal election campaign to put refugee rights on the agenda - can you join me? https://action.refugeecouncil.org.au/itstime?recruiter_id=149594
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  • I'm support the Refugee Council of Australia's Federal election campaign to put refugee rights on the agenda - can you join me? https://action.refugeecouncil.org.au/itstime?recruiter_id=4
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