Kids Off Nauru - Sign our Petition

We need to show our political leaders - Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten that we want #KidsOffNauru. It is time for our leaders to lead and stand against the arbitrary punishment of people seeking protection.

Check out our video with Mums4Refugees and People Like Us from parents across Australia: 


Read more about the situation for children and families on Nauru here.

GOAL: 20,000 signatures

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Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison & Opposition Leader Bill Shorten

We would never allow our children to grow up like this. The world refugee crisis is a complex problem  - but locking up children is never the answer. Being detained on Nauru is cruel and abusive.

We call on you as Australia's Political Leaders, to free the 119 children trapped on Nauru by Universal Children's Day.

We need to bring them here and either offer resettlement in Australia or find another suitable country that welcomes them.