What’s it like not to be able to access basic health care?

30,000 people seeking asylum know the answer.

Most of us in Australia are lucky enough to take access to subsidised health care for granted.  However, for around 30 000 people seeking asylum in Australia, this is not the case.  

People seeking asylum have been through so much in their journey to safety. Yet when they reach Australian shores, their struggle is far from over.  Often excluded from basic support, including Medicare, our government’s policies force many into poverty and poor health while decisions are made on their visas – decisions which can take up to 11 years.  
These policies are cruel and unnecessary  

As a passionate advocate for refugees and people seeking asylum, we know you agree that change is not only needed, it’s critical. Let’s stand together to call on our government to make this simple change and extend Medicare to all people seeking asylum.  

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