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Register your Refugee Week event so that it can display on our Events Calendar. Please include as much information as possible!
If you are having any issues please email [email protected]


In light of COVID-19, many events will be held online. Due to the way our calendar system is set up, you will be required to include an address in your registration. For online events we recommend the following:

Venue Name: Zoom/Skype/Google Meets etc.

Venue Suburb, State & Postcode: Even if your event is online, it is important to include a geographic location so our calendar can select the correct time zone for your event. You can choose a very basic option, e.g - Melbourne, VIC, 3000

You can include the link for people to join in the event description to make it easy.



Unfortunately, our calendar of events system has been designed for in-person events and so doesn't have the feature to add your timezone. For online events this can cause issues with people getting the times mixed up. We advise you to:

  • List the event in your local time, making sure to list the correct state under the venue details
  • Include in the description the time of the event in each major timezones:
    • Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10)
    • Central Standard Time (GMT + 9.30) - 30 mins difference to AEST
    • Western Standard Time (GMT + 8) - 2 hours difference to AEST



If you are having any issues registering your event, please email [email protected]


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