Stand Against Injustice: Reject the Migration Amendment Bill 2024

Act Now: Email your Senator asking them to reject the Migration Amendment Bill.  

The Migration Amendment (Removal and Other Measures) Bill 2024 poses a grave threat to people seeking asylum in Australia. Scheduled for a Senate vote in May, this legislation, if passed, will empower the Immigration Minister to direct individuals, under the threat of imprisonment, to return to countries where they fear persecution or death. We must stand united in urging our Senators to vote against this Bill, defending the rights and safety of those seeking refuge.

Who Will Be Affected?

This Bill specifically targets individuals who have been denied a visa, including those refused protection under the 'fast track' process, criticised for its lack of fairness. The repercussions are dire, risking the return of thousands to danger or condemning them to years of imprisonment.

Key Concerns:

  • New Special Powers: Enables the Minister to demand actions from individuals that could endanger their lives. 
  • Harsh Penalties: Non-compliance could lead to imprisonment for up to 5 years (and a minimum of 12 months) and fines up to $93,900. 
  • Visa Ban: Potential to prohibit entry from certain countries, severely limiting who can visit, study, or work in Australia. 
  • Criminalising Asylum Seeking: Introduces mandatory imprisonment for those unable to cooperate with removal, further victimising the vulnerable. 
  • Indefinite Detention: For those who can't be removed, a life in detention looms. 
  • Family Separation: Compliance could tear families apart. 
  • Expansion of Ministerial Powers: Echoes controversial policies like the USA's 2017 'Muslim Ban,' without adequate oversight.


Your Voice Matters

Take Immediate Action: Email your Senator asking them to reject the Bill.

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