The way forward for family reunion

Here’s how you can help

People who seek safety on our shores need our help to heal, so they can start rebuilding their lives in safety.  They need to be well to be able to fully participate in the protection application process and to contribute to their new society, as they desperately want to do. Yet, instead of offering these people the critical care they need, our Government is turning its back.

Your donation today will help the Refugee Council of Australia advocate to the Federal Government. We will call for all people seeking asylum to have access to Medicare while they’re waiting for their protection claim to be processed, and have greater support to be able to afford basic healthcare.

We can’t do this without help from passionate supporters like you, who care about the safety and wellbeing of people who have already endured so much. Your gift will help advocate for fairer policies, fight for fairer treatment and drive change to ensure that people seeking asylum can contribute fully to their new home.

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