Meet Caifas and Istir

Meet Caifas and Istir

Caifas and Istir* were granted humanitarian visas and arrived in Australia six years ago. Fleeing ISIS in Iraq after their son narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt, Cafias, Istir and their family fled to Turkey.

Their time in Turkey was marred by racism and discrimination, but the chance to begin a new life in Australia brought hope.

After applying to come to Australia, my wife and I were accepted. We were told that our son would be following us later.

After arriving we were shocked to learn that he was rejected with no explanation why.’ says Caifas. ‘We are still in limbo, waiting with no answer.

Many years have passed since Caifas and Istir last saw their son and his family. Caifas and Istir have never met their youngest granddaughter and are heartbroken, worrying constantly about the many challenges the young family faces as refugees in Turkey.

‘We feel like we are dead without our son. The separation sucked the life out of our family.’

Caifas and Istir are desperate to be reunited with their son, their daughter-in-law and their grandchildren – to see them start school, and restart their lives. The only option for this is through the Australian humanitarian program.

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*Name and key details have been changed due to fear of retribution.