Who are the forgotten 505?

Now is the time for change

RCOA is leading the way in seeking change in the government’s first year of power to achieve our policy priorities:

1. Supporting practical solutions for the 1,380 people still suffering under the offshore processing policy – especially the 505 people who will be still left behind when all resettlement options currently available are exhausted.

2. Urgent implementation of the government’s election promise to abolish temporary protection thus helping the 19,000 people affected by the policy as well as their separated family members.

3. Expanding the Refugee and Humanitarian Program progressively to 27,000 places per year and build a community sponsorship program of 5,000 places.

4. Securing access to a safety net for those in need amongst the 30,000 people seeking asylum living in our communities still awaiting their protection claims to be processed.

5. Increasing Australia’s engagement in the Asia-Pacific region to improve the protection of refugees in countries where they first seek protection so they are not forced to seek safety through life-threatening irregular journeys.

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