Refugee Week Art Exhibition

Refugee Week Art Exhibition

Creative Space at Wentworth Point Community Centre and Library
10 Footbridge Bvd
Wentworth Point, NSW 2127
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June 15, 2023 at 6:00pm - 7pm

'Boundless Resilience: A Healing Journey through Art'

In the face of adversity, when hope feels fragile, resilience emerges as an unstoppable force. Damon Amb, a refugee artist who has endured uncertainty and confinement, embodies this force through his art. Despite a nomadic life, carrying his cherished artworks from place to place, Damon has crafted a remarkable story of survival, courage, and creativity.

As a refugee from Iran, Damon found himself in detention centres in Australia in 2013, where his artistic spirit soared. His art emanates raw emotion and profound meaning, reflecting his empathy and deep connection to the suffering of others.

This exhibition bears the weight of Damon's traumatic experiences in Iran, the enduring challenges of living in limbo in Australia, and the unresolved status of his residency after ten years of seeking freedom.

Through Damon's fusion of photography, digital painting, collage, and photomontage, we enter contemplative realms where his life's journey intertwines with universal themes.