Medevac saves lives.

It should be doctors, not politicians, making decisions about life-saving medical treatment for refugees on Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

We know Medevac works, now we must save it.

Australian doctors and nurses who worked offshore consistently blew the whistle on politicians overriding their clinical decisions, placing patients at risk. A Queensland coroner found one young man died because he wasn’t provided with the treatment and transfer that doctors asked for.

As a result of this dire situation, Parliament passed Medevac to ensure Australian doctors could make their decisions without political interference. But now the Morrison government wants to scrap it.

Sign this petition to our Federal Parliament, urging them to save Medevac when they vote on it.

Will you sign?

Federal Parliamentarians,

We call on politicians to support doctors and Australia's peak medical bodies and vote to #SaveMedevac.

This law means that doctors, not politicians, decide the medical treatment for the men and women detained offshore.

It is a sensible medical solution to a medical problem - and it must not be repealed.