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As part of our Share a Meal, Share a Story project, we bring you this mouth-watering collection of recipes from Australia’s refugee communities, encompassing cuisines from around the world. With each dish comes a special story - the story of what that dish evokes for that person. Cook these dishes for your family and friends and share the story of the person who has provided it for you.

We ask for a minimum donation of $20, but if you would like to contribute more, please do.  All the chefs included in this e-book have been paid for their recipes.  After covering the costs of the e-cookbook, any further funds raised go to supporting the advocacy of the Refugee Council of Australia.  We work to bring about the fairer treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia and around the world, led by the people who are affected first-hand.

"Eating is more than simple sustenance. Food is an act of love. An energy creator. It unites us. An experience that everyone on this planet can relate to. It is a satisfying celebration of flavour, culture and meaning, like no other. 

There is something so joyous about not only cooking the dishes we hold so dear but also the ability to share them with those around us. To teach others about our own flavour, stories and the ability to taste something and instantly be transported to a time and place. It really is a thing of beauty.

For the chefs in this book, who have sought safety in Australia, food takes them back to a home, culture and people they have had to leave behind. New beginnings and new memories are forged but their history is never forgotten. Preparing these dishes from their home evokes a poignant nostalgia, and allows people to keep their culture and traditions alive in their new home.

These are not just meals; they are memories of freedom and loss, stories of joy and journey, of belonging and of longing. And most importantly of welcoming. This is where we all come together and embrace one other. Food, and stories, are meant to be shared and we welcome you to this table. We hope that you enjoy sharing these recipes with your friends and families as much as each contributor has enjoyed sharing them with you. Happy cooking and happy feasting!"
- Farah Celjo, Managing Editor, SBS Food Online.  


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