In the past two months, hundreds of recognised refugees have been sent eviction notices by Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton. He has given them three weeks to pack up their lives and leave the community detention facility they are in. While they will have work rights and Medicare, they will be given no support to find employment, and cannot access any form of income support.

How can Minister Dutton justify kicking people out onto the streets in the middle of a pandemic?

The group of people affected are those brought to Australia for critical medical care from Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

Many still require ongoing medical care such as chemotherapy and post-operative care, yet are being told they will no longer receive support from the government. The people kicked out include those in their 70s and 80s.

Imagine if you and your family, had three weeks to find a job (with no local work experience), find a new rental home (with zero rental history), with no option of government support. All this, in the middle of a major recession?

Can you sign our petition to Minister Dutton today calling on him to extend financial support to help people stay safe and not end up homeless?

Will you sign?

Dear Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton,

We, the undersigned, urgently call on you to ensure recognised refugees and people seeking asylum in your care have access to stable, ongoing housing, especially in the middle of this pandemic. The evictions you are currently issuing to people in community detention without access to financial support are troubling and unnecessary. Babies and vulnerable older people are among those that will face housing insecurity if exited without proper support.

People are keen to take care of themselves, so they need time and support to transition from having no work rights one week, to being expected to find work and support their families entirely the next week.

We call on you to provide financial assistance and accommodation support to those who have been exited and have not been able to find work.

We are experiencing the worst recession in a lifetime. It is widely understood that unemployment will rise. It is no time to force people out of their homes with no support.

Please ensure that people can be safe and secure in their homes.