In three words: Inspiring, thought-provoking and humbling

“In three words: Inspiring, thought-provoking and humbling”

“About two years ago, I attended the Face-to-Face speaker program online. I listened to the story of a young Assyrian woman from Iraq, who told us about her refugee journey from Iraq to Turkey and back again, and then to Australia. 

Hearing her story reminded me that refugees are everyday people who face terrible, often dangerous circumstances beyond their control. They’re forced to flee everything they love and know, including family, friends and their home.   

I would recommend this program to other organisations. It’s an opportunity to liaise with a person from a refugee background, get to know them and ask as many questions as you like. For my colleagues, it meant seeing a person from a refugee background as a real person, rather than a story in the media.” 

Kate Gillingham - Pro Bono Partner at Baker & Mackenzie

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