Meet Dima

Dima, a Palestinian born in Kuwait, and her Palestinian husband escaped Iraq in 2013 and travelled to Australia seeking asylum. They were sent to Christmas Island, then to Nauru.

“We were in detention for 15 months, living in a plastic tent. The temperature was over 45 degrees. We were called by numbers. Then we moved to the community detention when we received our refugee status. Settling there was impossible. There were no jobs, poor medical services, poor education and no legal system to protect your rights,” Dima said.

“I was pregnant living on Nauru, and there were complications. I needed to go to Australia for a C-section, but they wouldn’t let my husband come with me. That broke my heart in pieces and it still does. I don’t think I will ever overcome that moment.”

Fortunately, Dima, her husband and their son Mohammed were able to start a new life together because they were resettled in Canada. Not only are they together, they are safe and have the same rights as other Canadians, allowing them to work and study.

“People should support Operation Not Forgotten because the refugees stuck in Australia and Australian offshore processing centres have no hope and no equal rights in those countries. They live in limbo and their families and children are suffering with them. By supporting Operation Not Forgotten you give them and their children a fair chance of being together again. You provide a safe place where they can dream and have goals to make their lives meaningful and worthy again.”

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