Right now, an estimated 505 refugees and people seeking asylum are still trapped in Australia’s offshore processing system, after nearly a decade.

These people, who are in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Nauru or Australia on short-term temporary visas, currently have no hope of being resettled

Experts say that the people transferred by Australia to Nauru and PNG are among the most traumatised they have seen, even more than those in war zones or refugee camps around the world. The uncertainty and lack of progress is torture.

Fourteen people have died on Australia’s watch. Our watch. 

Answer the SOS and donate today to help find resettlement options for the forgotten 505.

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Who are the forgotten 505?

There are 1,384 people trapped in Australia’s offshore processing system. Even if the planned resettlement arrangements with the US, Canada and New Zealand are fully taken up, we estimate that at the very least, 505 people will be left behind.

These people have been trapped in the offshore processing system for nearly a decade with no idea when, if or how, they will ever be resettled. They live with the daily torture of endless uncertainty. 

For some, it’s too much. They have gone from being vibrant, courageous people to shells of their former selves. Some are so traumatised that they are unable to participate in the resettlement process.

Now is the time to end the torture of their uncertainty, and you can help change that.

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Now is the time for change

After nearly a decade of our collective rallying and advocacy as a movement, and with the federal election looming, the Australian government is under strong pressure to find a solution. The human and financial cost of the current policy is too great for Australia to ignore any longer.

The price tag on regional processing has already reached a phenomenal $9.5 billion. And with a growing number of candidates in the federal election making the humane treatment of refugees an issue, now is the perfect opportunity to make an impact. Now is a critical time to leverage this pressure and momentum and find solutions for the remaining people still trapped in the offshore processing system.

With your help, RCOA will work to ensure the remaining 505 refugees in the offshore processing system get to safety.

Donate to find resettlement options for the forgotten 505

RCOA is uniquely placed to support

The solution to the plight of the 505 refugees trapped in Nauru and PNG is not simple.

There is no one solution, but rather tailored strategies for different groups and individuals that include many different actors.

RCOA, as the peak body in the sector, is perfectly placed to coordinate such an approach and bring together all the relevant actors.

Please donate today to help us find resettlement options for the 505 people so they can finally start a new life.

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