Support the forgotten 505

Support the forgotten 505

Right now, we have the opportunity to significantly shift refugee and asylum policy to better reflect our values of fairness, respect and compassion.

But, if we want to leverage this opportunity and achieve lasting positive changes to refugee policy - and importantly to the lives of so many people who came here seeking protection - we need to act in a strategic, coordinated way.

That’s why the role of the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA), as the peak body in the refugee sector, is more vital than ever right now.

With your support we can help change the policies affecting the 19,000 refugees subject to temporary protection, the 30,000 people seeking asylum waiting for protection with no support and the 1,380 refugees STILL struggling under the offshore processing including the 505 without resettlement options.

When you donate a gift today, you’ll help to create a lasting positive change to the way our country treats refugees and people seeking asylum.

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Now is the time for change

RCOA is leading the way in seeking change in the government’s first year of power to achieve our policy priorities:

1. Supporting practical solutions for the 1,380 people still suffering under the offshore processing policy – especially the 505 people who will be still left behind when all resettlement options currently available are exhausted.

2. Urgent implementation of the government’s election promise to abolish temporary protection thus helping the 19,000 people affected by the policy as well as their separated family members.

3. Expanding the Refugee and Humanitarian Program progressively to 27,000 places per year and build a community sponsorship program of 5,000 places.

4. Securing access to a safety net for those in need amongst the 30,000 people seeking asylum living in our communities still awaiting their protection claims to be processed.

5. Increasing Australia’s engagement in the Asia-Pacific region to improve the protection of refugees in countries where they first seek protection so they are not forced to seek safety through life-threatening irregular journeys.

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Helping people still trapped in offshore processing

There are 1,384 people trapped in Australia’s offshore processing system. Even if the planned resettlement arrangements with the US, Canada and New Zealand are fully taken up, we estimate that at the very least, 505 people will be left behind.

These people have been trapped in the offshore processing system for nearly a decade with no idea when, if or how, they will ever be resettled. They live with the daily torture of endless uncertainty.

While many refugees and people seeking asylum have reason to hope for improvements under the new government, there is currently no plans to change this policy area. Together, we need to change that.

For some, it’s too much. They have gone from being vibrant, courageous people to shells of their former selves. Some are so traumatised that they are unable to participate in the resettlement process.

Now is the time to end the torture of their uncertainty, and you can help change that.

Donate today to help us lead this change

RCOA is uniquely placed to support

Right now, more than ever, we need to ensure RCOA has a strong voice to lead a coordinated and considered approach to bring about lasting change with regards to how our country treats refugees and people seeking asylum.

Your gift enables our team to find solutions to the concerns you have about people seeking asylum and refugees. Your donation helps us reach the corridors of power. It helps us do the research and understand the issues so that we can most effectively represent the needs of refugees. It helps us find the best ways to communicate about this to politicians and educate the public. Quite simply, your help enables us to lead the pathway to change in Australia.

Your gift today will genuinely help build a nation in which NO ONE is left behind and NO ONE is held back – including refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia

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